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Cesendello with Metal Ring


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    Cesendello with Metal Ring

    Characterized by an elegant spiral shaped structure, the profile of the CESENDELLO recalls the twist of the Muslim turbans. Quivering and light, the decoration that gives life to the sections of the lamp is an exquisite and refined synthesis of the Oriental-Renaissance themes dear to Fortuny and present in Venice as early as the 15th century.

    Made in Venice, Italy

    Diameter Ø cm 52 (20 1/4”)

    Overall Height:
    Standard cm 110 (43")

    Kg 4,8
    Lbs 11

    Glass, brass, Murano glass beads, burnished metal

    Wattage and Voltage:
    3 x 60 Watt
    Voltage 220/240V E14 socket
    Voltage 110V E12 socket
    Light bulbs not included

    Available in the following colors: Gold Classic, Silver Classic