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Icaro 2 Tiers


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    Icaro 2 Tiers

    The chandelier ICARO 2 Tiers is an evolution and a tribute to the silk model originally designed by Mariano Fortuny. This extremely elegant and stunning chandelier made in Venice , is a two tiers suspended lamp made of glass fiber and decorated with gold or silver leaf: The glass fiber used by Venetia Studium has a very high strength to weight ratio, making the lamp light, strong, resistant and durable.
    This spectacular model create a unique atmosphere , light is indirect and diffused.

    Made in Venice, Italy

    Diameter Ø cm 86 (in 33 7/8")

    Overall Height:
    Standard cm 158 (61 3/4")
    Minimum cm 96 (37 1/2")
    Maximum cm 166 (64 3/4")
    Flush Mounted cm 57 (22 1/4")

    Kg 6
    Lbs 14

    Glass fiber

    Wattage and Voltage:
    Wattage 13 x 5 W LED
    Voltage 220/240V E14 socket
    Voltage 110V E12 socket