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Cleaning, Maintenance and General Care

How do I keep Pleated and Crinkled Silk in good condition?

To keep the pleats and the crinkles in good condition follow the instructions attentively: dry clean only, avoid contact with water, don’t iron. While wearing pleated dresses, avoid sitting for a long time. Follow the picture to put the scarves and dresses away.

How do I keep Tassels & Fringes in good condition?

The threads of tassels and fringes, when curled up, can be straightened with slightly wet fingers as shown on the picture (Attachment 3) The tassels can be easily removed to facilitate the dry cleaning of bags and stoles.

How do I keep Printed Fabric in good condition?

To keep the fabric in good condition, follow the instructions attentively:

Dry clean only
Brush with soft bristles
Iron only on the back at low temperature

How are the cushions filled?

Cushions are filled with real feather. There is no need to take the stuffing out to dry clean it.

How do I clean the Silk Lamps?

What you need:

Water sprayer ( filled with clean lukewarm water)
Low speed vacuum cleaner, ideally a small hand held cordless vacuum cleaner or alternatively a soft brush.
Piece of silk ( provided by Venetia Studium upon request)
Clean cloth

How to proceed:

Remove the lamp from the ceiling or wall attachment and place it on a flat, clean surface. Begin by thoroughly removing the dust from the lampshade using the vacuum cleaner or the soft brush; this and the following actions should ONLY be performed on the inner side of the lamp and not on the decorated surface.

It is important to eliminate as much dust/dirt as possible from the silk as well as from the brass structure (in order to do so you can also use a clean cloth) Using the sprayer, wet a small section of the lampshade and use the piece of silk provided to brush the damp section of the lamp.

Take now the hairdryer and start drying the lamp as quickly as possible, holding the hair dryer 10-15 cm away from the fabric.

Once the silk is completely dry you can repeat the whole process again on the rest of the lamp.

It is important while proceeding with this operation:

a) not to use too much water;
b) to work only on small areas
c) to dry it as soon as possible to avoid any water stains

As soon as you've finished hang back the lamp on its attachment: you should immediately notice that your lamp looks as new and beautiful as when you first bought it.

How do I keep the Silk Lamps in good condition?

The Silk lamps have to be cleaned a couple of times a year with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush. (see How do I clean the Silk Lamps?)
The Silk lamps should not be subject to direct sunlight.
The paintings used to decorate the Silk lamps resist to light during the years.

Can the height of the lamps be customized?

Lamps can be ordered with custom total height. Please contact the office should you need to adjust the total height of a lamp you already own.

Can I use the lamps in humid places?

The Silk lamps should not be used in humid spots, the Fortuny Glass lamps are more suitable when in contact humidity

Where are Fortuny lamps produced?

FORTUNY © lamps are produced exclusively by Venetia Studium Srl, the only company in the world entitled to use the trademark. The production is based in Venice, Italy.

Do you have a Catalogue of the Fortuny lamps you can mail me?

You can download Fortuny Lamps Catalogue from the website or have a printed copy mailed.

What light bulbs can I use? Which is the maximum wattage?

You can use incandescent, LED  or Energy saving bulbs. For suggested wattages, please refer to the technical sheet of each lamp.

Who is Mariano Fortuny?

MARIANO FORTUNY (Granada 1871 - Venezia 1949)

Artist, photographer, designer… it is hard to single out which aspect of the personality and work of Mariano Fortuny was predominant. His entire artistic production was based on an extraordinary synthesis of worlds and eras, of styles and techniques that only in Venice, a melting pot of civilizations, could be transformed into the creation of exquisite products. Through philological experimentation inspired by the noble roots of Western art and the magic of the Orient, Mariano Fortuny became one of the most original interpreters of Venice’s “Silver Age”. His constant research into lighting led him to fi le a number of patents, including a device to control light intensity, used in the world’s most prestigious theatres. Curious and enterprising, he even penetrated the universe of female fashion. His collection of pleated silk tunics, including the famous “Delphos” evoked by Proust in his Recherche, represented a must in elegance for chic young women of the past.

Where is the Fortuny Museum?

The Fortuny Museum is located in Venice in
Campo San Beneto - San Marco 3958,
Tel. ++39041 5200995
Fax. ++39041 5223088


Order Status - How can I check on the status of my order?

You can email us for the status of your order at . Please include your name and order number.

Shipping - How much will my shipping charges be?

The amount will be added to your order as you proceed to checkout, and will be determined by the Country your order will ship to.

Does Venetia Studium Srl ship products internationally?

Yes we ship internationally. All duty charges on international orders are under the responsibility of the customer.

Returns - What is Venetia Studium Srl return policy?

Returns may be made, but will require a valid Authorization which may be requested by contacting the customer service by e-mail at

Name & Full address
Order number
Items to be returned
Reason for return

Please pay close attention to the following items:

Please check all your boxes as soon as you receive them. Venetia Studium Srl cannot be responsible for any missing or damaged goods if we are not notified within 24 hours from time received.
Sale items are not eligible for returns. Defective sale products will be repaired or replaced at the company's discretion.
Items that have been installed or not in original carton or packaging are not returnable.
We will credit your account once a return has been inspected and is determined to be valid.

Damage - What if my order was damaged during shipment?

Please inspect your merchandise immediately upon delivery, and report any damage to the company within 24 hours of receipt. Customer bears full responsibility for any damage not reported within this 24-hour period.

We recommend hiring a qualified electrician to install your lighting fixtures. Venetia Studium Srl is not responsible for any damage or defects due to faulty installation.

Repairs - Does Venetia Studium Srl perform repairs on fixtures not covered under warranty?

Items not under warranty will be inspected to determine if it can be repaired. After inspection, you will be provided with the total cost to repair the fixture. This cost shall include labor, € 40 per hour, as well as all materials with one-hour minimum charge.

We will only perform repairs on fixtures that were purchased from Venetia Studium Srl. Before returning an item to be repaired, please contact out customer service department for authorization & instructions.

Payment Methods - What Methods of Payment does Venetia Studium Srl accept?

Venetia Studium Srl accepts the following: Credit Cards or Paypal

Placing An Order - How do I place an order?

Go into the Online Store and place the items you want to purchase into your cart, then proceed to check out. If you do not already have an account and password, you will be directed to the Your Account section to create an account.

Sales Tax - Do I have to pay sales tax on my purchase?

If you are located in the European Community, a 22% Vat will be added to your order. If you are located outside the European Community, no sales tax will be charged by Venetia Studium Srl but you will be subject to duty charges according to where the goods are shipped.

Warranty - Do I have a warranty on my purchases?

All items are offered with one year warranty. Any defective item that is returned within one year of purchase will be repaired or replaced at the company's discretion.

Repairs for items that are still under warranty will be covered at no charge. A copy of sales receipt may be required if the sales transaction cannot be found in our computer system.